Boyfriend, Girlfriend’s Mother Now Friends on Facebook

MILWAUKEE, MN — Online records confirm that local boyfriend and social media user, Brian Mickle, warily accepted a Facebook ‘friend request’ from girlfriend Jenny Thompson’s mother earlier this morning. After successfully keeping a low profile and avoiding any interactions – online or otherwise – with Mrs. Thompson, Mickle was distressed by the red notification of pending friendship awaiting him when he logged onto the popular social networking website.

“I thought about declining, or just leaving the friend request hanging as if I hadn’t seen it,” reported the forlorn high school senior, “but I knew I shouldn’t be a dick about it because Jenny’s pretty cool I guess.”

Mickle had narrowly dodged online contact with Mrs. Thompson on multiple occasions, dating as far back as December of 2012. In one such encounter, Mrs. Thompson commented, “I hope the cat’s ok!” in reference to a video that Mickle had posted to her daughter’s Facebook wall titled ‘Cat Tries to Jump Over A Fence But Falls’.

In another harrowing incident, Mrs. Thompson ‘liked’ a photo of Mickle with his skateboard.

“This is all too much,” said the visibly shaken Mickle. “I mean, what’s next? Is she going to start posting stuff on my wall? Is she going to tag me in posts? She’s going to know too much about me.”

Followup reports indicate that Mickle broke up with Jenny and deleted his Facebook account in response to the heinous series of events.