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Cra Collective Agreement 2018

The Collective Agreement between the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and the Canada Revenue Agency Union (CRAU) for the year 2018 is an important document that outlines the working conditions and terms of employment for CRA employees.

The agreement covers a wide range of topics, including pay rates, benefits, job security, working hours, and leave entitlements. It also includes provisions governing employee performance management, training and development, and workplace health and safety.

One significant change in the 2018 agreement is the introduction of a new pay scale for CRA employees. The new pay structure aims to address longstanding issues related to pay equity and ensure that employees are compensated fairly for their work.

Under the new pay scale, employees will be placed in one of four job classifications: Administrative Support, Technical Support, Client Services, or Auditing and Collections. Each classification has its own salary range, and employees will be placed within that range based on their level of experience and qualifications.

In addition to the new pay scale, the 2018 agreement includes a number of other changes aimed at improving working conditions for CRA employees. For example, it includes provisions for improved job security, increased access to training and development opportunities, and better access to health and wellness programs.

The agreement also addresses the issue of mental health in the workplace, recognizing that CRA employees may experience high levels of stress and emotional strain in their work. The agreement includes provisions for resources and support to help employees deal with these challenges, including access to counselling services and other forms of support.

Overall, the 2018 Collective Agreement between the CRA and the CRAU represents an important step forward for the agency and its employees. By addressing longstanding issues related to pay equity and working conditions, the agreement aims to create a more fair, equitable, and supportive workplace for all CRA employees.