Instagram Stories Now Number One Source For Weather Reports

LOS ANGELES, CA – In another blow to traditional news outlets, a new report by the National Weather Service shows that the majority of Americans are now receiving all their weather-related news and information from instagram posts and stories.

“All people have to do is watch their instagram stories to get up-to-the-minute reports on how hot it is, whether a storm front has moved in, and even how the weather is affecting the moods of their peers,” says Linda Hoffstadt of the National Weather Service.

“We simply can’t compete with that.”

The data suggests that most Americans never access their weather apps, do not check their local newspapers for forecasts, and don’t even know the names of their local weather man or woman.

The current heat wave sweeping the nation has brought this trend into the spotlight. Instagram posts featuring a temperature stamp, the word “mood”,  and sweating emojis have skyrocketed, defeating the need for people to check in with traditional weather services.

“For many people the weather is the only interesting thing happening in their lives,” explains Hoffstadt. “Since they have absolutely nothing else to post to their instagram accounts they are overwhelmingly choosing to post about the weather so that they can feel a sense of solidarity with their friends and followers.”

This weather crowdsourcing is having a snowball effect that, if trends continue, will completely overshadow the need for any traditional weather services.