Kids Bring Injured Bird Scooter Home, Family Nursing It Back To Health

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – A Bird Scooter is currently on life support in the small second story walkup of the Goldman family. The Bird, which was found at 2% battery life, was rescued by Tabby and Alexandra Goldman as they returned home from their charter school.

“We found it at the park. At first we thought it was dead,” explains Tabby, 10. “But then we saw its little red light blinking and we knew we had to do something.”

The girls rushed home and enlisted the help of their father, Dave Goldman. After struggling to source a box big enough to cradle the electric scooter, Dave finally managed to get the ailing Bird hooked up to life support.

“You’re OK now, little buddy. Everything’s going to be alright,” cooed Dave as he wrapped the Bird in a blanket and gently set it down in the makeshift hospital bed. “Let’s just get you plugged in. Whaddya say, pal?”

Dave and his partner Joseph are still diagnosing the possible issues with the damaged scooter. Early reports suggest that it could be as simple as a basic recharge. Others believe that it could have also lost its connection to the network. More testing is needed for confirmation.

“I tried scanning its QR code but nothing happened. Not even its ID number came up.” Said Dave of the first round of tests. “We can’t even identify whether it’s a Southern Haight Ashbury or a Northern Nob Hill Bird.”

“It would certainly help to know how far away from home this little guy is.”

As of press time the injured Bird Scooter was up to 16% battery life and was showing a visible but weak network connection. The Goldman family plans to release it back into the wild after it is fully recovered.